Five years on MOVE is setting the pace


In 2010, PBL Media still owned ACP Magazines, just one-in-three Australians owned a smartphone and the entire advertising industry was reeling from the GFC. But for the Australian Out-of-Home (OOH) industry it was the start of something very exciting… MOVE was born.

At launch, MOVE achieved world’s best practice by delivering measurement of all major environments for OOH signage (Airports, Buses/Trams, Roadside, Shopping Centres and Stations) – a feat that is yet to be replicated by any OOH measurement system launched since. MOVE was also the first audience measurement system to involve, and be endorsed by, the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) and the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), from its design through to delivery.

To celebrate turning five, MOVE has upped its game once more, adding new software and functionalities which will enable MOVE users to:

  1. Geo-target audiences via sub areas – analyse reach and frequency based on geography, income, household size and more.
  2. Split out those audiences by the mode at which they saw a particular site – did they walk past, drive past, were they a passenger?
  3. Increase understanding of a campaign reach through mapping dot density – where each dot represents 100 people.
  4. Upgrade to report layouts: increasing map size and making MOVE reports easier to read while adding a ‘compare report’ function, allowing users to directly compare results and ensure they are getting the best coverage for their campaigns.

As the trusted OOH trading currency, MOVE has helped drive market share growth of OOH, during a time when other traditional advertising channels have experienced decline in share.

“The primary benefit of MOVE is that it now provides a currency for the medium that is comparable with other media” says Cassandra Thomas-Smith, Strategy & Insights Director at Posterscope. “This currency and comparability, changes the Out-of-Home (OOH) landscape in three key areas: it increases client confidence which, in turn, increases investment; it allows for better evaluation of effectiveness – both in terms of a more meaningful and industry recognised trading base and by increasing client’s understanding of what OOH can contribute to the media plan; and, it provides a basic foundation upon which we can overlay additional behavioural and engagement insights.”

So where to next? MOVE is currently analysing measurement methodologies for new formats and environments, including Train Externals and Place Based locations. MOVE will also continue to review what is happening around the world regarding visibility scoring across all formats, including Digital, for additional enhancements to the LTS (Likelihood to See) methodology. With over 73 companies and more than 1,700 people within our industry using MOVE to measure and understand audiences, MOVE and the OOH industry remains committed to ensuring that our growth and success continues.