In Memory of Luke Franklin

Written by Kelly Forbes, with Brad Bishopp and Steve Davies.

On behalf of the whole Bishopp Outdoor Advertising team, we would like you all to join us in celebrating the life of Luke Franklin, after his sudden passing in December 2017.

As the Sales Manager of Bishopp for 12 years, Luke was the heart and soul of the Bishopp Sales Team. He not only worked closely with everyone in the office and on the road, but extended his working relationships with so many of you, beyond Bishopp. Luke took pride in building friendships within the industry, and on his way to what would be his last OMA event, Luke expressed his excitement to have the chance to catch-up with everyone again.

As many of you will know, Luke was a larger-than-life character. The Bishopp Team always knew when Luke was in the office; hearing his booming voice and his thundering footsteps bolting up the stairs.

He joined the Outdoor Media Industry with a varied skill-set background, but soon realised he had found his feet. Since starting with Bishopp in 2006, Luke embraced the industry whole-heartedly. It was apparent that he had found his true calling in Sales, and life ‘on the road’ quickly became his true passion.

Luke thrived on ‘the chase’ and his loyal dedication to Bishopp’s expansion and development was second-to-none. He was always devising new strategic goals, pushing the team to think outside-of-the-box, focusing on new solutions for client’s needs, and creating a workplace where everyone’s contribution was meaningful.

Throughout his illness, Luke enthusiastically continued to work part-time for Bishopp and preached his mantra of positivity to all.

To truly demonstrate Luke’s dedication to Outdoor Media, we’d like to share this story from Bishopp Team Member Steve Davies, who paused his role of funeral officiant at the service to share an impromptu story.

As Steve took a break within the funeral service, he popped his head into the office of the funeral house, where one of the employees quietly asked,

“Is this the funeral of Luke Franklin from Bishopp?”

After Steve replied “Yes”, the woman delightfully explained how Luke had only recently visited their office to ask about their Out-of-Home advertising strategy, and how passionate he truly was. She finished with,

“…And actually Steve, we need talk because we are very interested in your sites!”

Luke worked as much as he could, right to the end, and he would be so proud to know that he was even selling billboards while at his own funeral.

A true family man, Luke always shared his family’s daily achievements with the Team, and the pride he had for his wife Cindy, his children, and his grand-children, beamed off his face every day.

A gifted salesman. A true friend. A loving husband, father and grand-father.

Luke, we’ll miss you.

To donate to Cancer Council Australia, please visit or call 13 11 20