It’s a primal thing


We already know that Out-of-Home (OOH) is a very powerful channel for reach, proximity, flexibility and interactivity, and that arousal drives attention and memory encoding, both of which are key factors that underpin advertising message impact.

And thanks to research released earlier this month by the Outdoor Media Association, in collaboration with Hoop Group, we can now add to this knowledge. The Primal Advantage proves that the OOH environment has an inherent ‘kick’ over media consumed indoors. This is because audiences are twice as switched on and likely to act on advertising messages, and are two and a half times more alert when compared to spending screen time at home.

MOVE tells us that 90% of Australian’s leave home each day. What this new research tells us, is that as each person steps outside, their primal instincts kick in, making them more alert and receptive. This primal urge to ‘survive and thrive’ means we are hard wired to scan our environments for events that impact us, or that are linked to our goals.

Brands, agencies and media owners all share the same goal – to grab the attention of their audiences. As we know from the Primal Advantage research, OOH’s large, colourful, eye-catching advertising messages – that can be geo-located, time specific and relevant – keep consumers entertained and are far more effective at communicating a brand’s message than the smaller, digital displays viewed on screens at home. We believe this is important and powerful information for marketers.

And while one of our primal instincts is to be more alert outside the home, another is to effectively block the things that annoy, bother or are of no interest to us.

Technology has given us unlimited ways in which to do this, which is a huge challenge for advertisers, especially online advertisers, where 21 percent of the world’s 1.9 billion smart phone users have installed an ad blocker. Fortunately this is not the case for OOH. Technology has only made it stronger. It cannot be turned off, skipped or ignored.

Our innate human desire to hunt and gather, as we did on the savannah, is still the same, but how we do this, and where we do it, has changed. OOH can provide advertisers the ability to increase engagement with targeted audiences as it becomes more entrenched in the city landscape, creating and enhancing public spaces and acting as a communication channel.

Allow your brand to ‘survive and thrive’. Give it the primal advantage. Take it Out-of-Home.