OOH audiences heat up for summer

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Our days are (finally) filled with warm weather, sunshine and the scent of heady blossoms. It’s the season to be jolly, when we put down our devices, step away from the computer screen, switch off the TV and head outside. Our large southern skies and great weather are the envy of the world, so, it’s no wonder Out of Home (OOH) audiences keep growing.

MOVE, in its latest audience measurement update, confirms this. In 2010, MOVE began measuring OOH audiences, and since then, we’ve seen this audience grow cumulatively by 23.0%, outstripping population growth of 14.9% for the same period. This is a result of urban growth and our portfolio of signs that are primed to reach these audiences. And we know that there is more growth to come with the UN predicting that Australia’s population will be 94% urbanised by 2050.

MOVE’s data update also tells us that OOH advertising reach has increased to 12.6 million people daily, that is a growth of 200,000 people per day, on average, in OOH environments. Australians are making 52 million trips across the five markets measured (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney). This means more and more eyeballs on the 81,980 OOH advertising faces measured by MOVE.

We know that we behave differently over summer. People spend less time indoors, scrolling the internet and watching screens, and more time enjoying the great outdoors. Our love of being out and about in summer lends itself to brands being outdoors with us. As our Primal Advantage* research showed, the best time to capture an audience’s attention is when they are out and about because people outside their home are two times more receptive to messages and likely to act.

It’s no secret OOH advertising has evolved. Now powered by technology and smarter with data it is flexible and immediate. All evidence points to summer being the premium time to attract consumers by being big, bold, and OOH.

As I happily unpack my polka dot bathers ready for the hot days ahead, I look forward to brands taking a leaf out of my book and being bold and cheeky on an OOH sign somewhere in the great outdoors this summer.

Inside Outdoor will be back at the end of January. In the meantime, we wish you, your friends and family a safe and happy holiday season, wherever you may roam.

Charmaine Moldrich

*Primal Advantage research commissed by OMA 2016