Beyond the headlines

As the sails of the Opera House return to their glistening white, and the headlines move on from one of our national icons being used ‘as a billboard,’ it’s an opportune time for the real billboard industry, Out of Home (OOH), to take stock of the positive things it does.

Both seen and unseen, the OOH industry is proactively taking measures to ensure Outdoor advertising is a brand-safe media channel and a sound investment for advertisers.

We know that OOH has the largest, most diverse, real and growing audience, reaching 93% of the Australian population each day. That is why the OMA has increased its efforts in defining and communicating when and where it is appropriate to advertise. We do this so that:

  • Our members’ signs positively contribute to our communities
  • Policymakers view OOH as a responsible media channel and partner in bringing about positive social change
  • We are future-proofing our industry

This year, one of our key projects has been launching a new functionality in the MOVE software which accurately maps the locations and boundaries of over 29,900 schools across NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA. This new feature ensures that products which are not intended for minors are not advertised within a 150m sightline of a primary or secondary school*.

We know advertisers see OOH as an innovative media channel to broadcast brand messages, and using MOVE makes it simple to find the most relevant and timely placement for almost any ad, day or night.

Be it for an FMCG product to capture the shopper on their way to the supermarket, a car ad commanding pride of place on a freeway overpass to attract the attention of drivers in traffic, or a home delivery food service on the side of a train or bus for those busy and tired commuters making the journey home after a long day, OOH is there every step of the way.

As an industry that is growing and changing, there is bound to be another headline next week, or next month, about OOH advertising. Together, let’s make sure we drive positive outcomes from those headlines. As our CEO Charmaine Moldrich recently said, “…  it takes years to build a brand, but it can be damaged in the blink of an eye.”

* As per the OMA’s Placement Policy