2014 – A time to be OPEN


In our review of the year we take the lead from our second and most recent publication on Outdoor creative, OPEN². Breaking down the year not by seasons or quarters, but by the four chapters in the book: Humour me; Tell me a story; Sell me something; and Interact with me.

Humour me
We kicked off 2014 with our happy and smiley industry campaign announcing ‘Outdoor gives back‘ venturing no further than our own backyard to promote the lesser known facts about Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising and raise awareness about the contribution OOH makes to the community. A second appearance in July further reinforced the community message and through our online survey we found that our message hit home with comments such as “I never realised that [OOH’s contribution to the community] about outdoor advertising, I will look at it in a different light now.”

Tell me a story
In March we were out and about storytelling with our OUTsmart roadshow series. Overlaying qualitative research conducted by Ipsos Mind & Mood Report with bespoke industry research, we were able to demonstrate how Australians are responding to the changing media environment and how well OOH performs when combined with other media channels in this new landscape. As May approached our story focused on OOH’s audience growth when our annual MOVE numbers reported a 3.6 per cent (YTD) increase in daily OOH contacts, people now see on average 26 OOH ad faces a day. This of course has had a positive impact on sales and throughout the year our revenue story has been a good one with increases each consecutive quarter and a current year-to-date position of $472.8 million, an increase of eight per cent over last year with all indications that we will end the year with close to 10 per cent growth.

Sell me something
Leading up to the warmer months we asked advertisers what their brand was doing this summer in our campaign to ‘sell’ the benefits of Outdoor. It just didn’t make sense to us that while total retail spend increased each month, the total advertising spend decreased over summer. With consumers spending more time outdoors, we asked the question ‘you go on holidays, but should your brand take a holidays as well?’ – With 83 per cent of people saying they spend more time outdoors during summer, we think not!

Illustrating how OOH is part of our cityscape, our commute, our weekend and our shopping and holiday experiences, is the jewel in our crown – OPEN² – showing off the endless creative opportunities Outdoor offers. OPEN² is big, bold, cheeky, simple, clever and controversial. It beautifully showcases how OOH allows brands to be unique, contextually relevant and targeted while reaching mass audiences and delivering ROI.

Available in hardcover and via digital download, we hope you are inspired by OPEN² and it becomes your go-to reference on OOH.

If you missed the first book in our series published in 2012 check it out here OPEN.

Interact with Me
Of course the excitement and growth in OOH is enhanced by how well the channel works with technology. Innovations and partnerships this year have seen consumers experience the aroma of a new perfume on their walk to work, print a delicious recipe at the shops and take part in a city-wide treasure hunt.

As smartphone ownership grows, the opportunities for OOH to engage with people in their ‘active space’ grows too. Research released by Roy Morgan in November shows that 81 per cent of Australia’s 12.5 million smartphone owners notice some form of advertising each week, with more Outdoor advertisements being noticed in all areas (retail, roadside, street furniture and transit). This data proves a positive advantage for Outdoor, and with geo-targeting and beacon technology already in use internationally, we are looking forward to seeing how OOH and technology will work together to offer advertisers a way of reaching people with precision.

Our 2014 story is not just about campaigns, numbers and books, it is also about our people and our community. While it certainly has been a great year for our industry, the icing on the cake for our member companies has been the acknowledgement by their peers at the MFA Awards, Media i Awards, B&T Awards and the Effies. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

It has been a pleasure working with you in 2014 and we thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to resting, relaxing and rejuvenating in the great outdoors and we hope the same for you.

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.