Summer will not be televised


This month has seen the release of some impressive research and insights about Out-of-Home (OOH), highlighting everything from effectiveness and ROI to ad recall and the benefits of OOH in the media mix, adding more fodder to the no brainer that OOH is the place to be seen this spring and summer.

Now is the time for you to think strategically about your budgets, as all evidence points to these seasons being the premium time to attract consumer attention by being big and bold and OOH!

We know that summer will not be televised – instead it moves outdoor. TV viewing declines in the non-ratings period to accommodate our lifestyle shift. We all come out of our winter cocoons and spend more time outside. We also know that time spent online declines – makes sense – why be on your computer when you can be outside? Everyone has been hit by the holiday bug, radio personalities take a break, listeners change their habits in line with the change of season, and newspapers and magazines downsize over the summer months.

Also changing, are our spending habits: we may be basking in the sunshine but we are also cashed up, relaxed and ready to shop.

So we say take your message to the people, what better time is there to broadcast your message on OOH. In a study released by oOh! Media and Leading Edge Research, it was revealed that over the summer months:

• 83% of people spend more time outdoors
• 80% visit the shops more
• 66% visit cafes more

In a review of consumer retail spending patterns with data from Nielsen (2013) and ABS (2010–2013), the trend shows that consumer spend increases incrementally each consecutive month. However, correspondingly, we see total ad spend during the November to February period decline (combined, SMI, 2008–2011).


Yes you go on holidays but should your brand take a holiday as well? We don’t think so.

With so much evidence pointing to the benefits of Outdoor, now is the time think creatively about summer advertising. This summer send your brand OOH to capture the attention of all those people who are out and about.

**Chart above: Retail Spend is ABS Retail Trade information, using the average of 2010–2013 seasonally adjusted figures. Retail Trade includes; food retail, household goods, clothing, footwear, personal accessories, department stores, books, pharmaceutical, cafes, restaurants and take-away.

**Total Media Spend uses SMI data and shows the share for the month compared to total year spend eg September is 9% of the total year.