Summer is Outdoor

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You know summer is on its way when the pollen makes you sneeze, the Grand Finals are on the telly (Congratulations Hawks!), the days are longer, the nights are warmer and all you want to do is be out and about. We know instinctively that our behaviour changes with the seasons but does it?

We asked 1,500 people how they feel about summer and if they do anything differently than the rest of the year.* Fifty percent of people surveyed said that summer is their favourite time of year. People who were most enthusiastic about summer were people with kids (58%) and 35–44 year olds (57%).

In summer people spend more time doing things like:
21% Shopping
38% Eating out
40% Visiting friends and family

And in summer people spend less time:
33% Watching TV
21% Online

And, most importantly, 54% of people told us that they ‘are more aware of Outdoor advertising over summer.’

This heightened awareness can be linked to frame of mind. A recent study from Millward Brown for APN Outdoor found that when travelling outside people are typically in an alert, impulsive, active or interested state of mind/or mood, as opposed to the passive moods associated with being inside the home such as relaxed, sleepy or calm.**

So our behaviour does change over the summer season, which is great news if you advertise on Out-of-Home (OOH) because: Summer is Outdoor and Outdoor is Summer.

For more reasons why advertising on OOH should be a no-brainer this summer click here.

*Omnibus survey 2014
** APN Outdoor: Attention Economy Study

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