Top 5 Out-of-Home campaigns from 2015

Hi 2016, you’ve arrived pleasantly quickly! And while we at the OMA rejoice as we’ve made it through our first week back at work (whose idea was it to make working 5 days a week the norm?), we reflect on how we, as an industry, have gotten to this point of unprecedented growth in revenue and audiences – all captured in our previous blog post rounding up the year.

Before you start patting us, the Australian Outdoor industry, on the back, the growth of the global Out-of-Home (OOH) market should also be highly commended – with projected growth at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.44% during 2014–2019. The growth of the market is attributed to the expansion of infrastructure used, growth in the digital medium, and advances in the technology used1.

And as our importance as a media channel grows so does the importance of designing OOH specific creative. What’s a final round-up without a mention of our favourite OOH campaigns from 2015 when we’ve witnessed such a great surge of creative finesse?

Here’s the OMA’s top 5 OOH campaigns from 2015:

  1. Women’s Aid
    Description: The billboard used facial recognition technology to determine when people were paying attention to the image of a bruised woman. As more people looked at the billboard, her bruises and cuts healed faster, which helped to confront the signs of domestic violence. Read more.

    Why we love it: The campaign is extraordinarily powerful with the message communicated clearly in seven words or less (key criteria for Outdoor creative). It generates a strong emotional response, utilising the digital Outdoor medium effectively and in a contextually relevant environment (i.e. coinciding with International Women’s Day).
  2. Carlsberg
    Carlsberg best billboard
    Description: The poster by Carlsberg at the Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane on Wednesday 8 April, dispensed free beer from a tap located under the slogan “Probably the best poster in the world”. Read more.

    Why we loved it: A billboard that dispenses FREE beer? We’re there! Carlsberg revived their “Probably the best…” slogan (dropped in 2011), keeping their branding consistent (typography and colour), and incorporated some cheek into their minimal copy that engaged audiences – well done, Carlsberg!

  3. Apple
    Description: ‘Shot on iPhone6’ featured photos taken by iPhone 6 users, turning them into works of art displayed on billboards in 70 cities in 24 countries around the world – making it one of the largest mobile photo galleries ever assembled. Read more.

    Why we loved it: An incredible execution that reminds us of the undeniable power of a static board. Despite the small size of the logo, you can tell instantly that this is a campaign by Apple. And needless to say, the imagery is simply beautiful and resonates well with audiences; awakening our wanderlust.

  4. UTEC
    Description: Peruvian engineering school, UTEC, created an ‘Air Orchard’ billboard that is used to grow lettuce, consisting of 10 large dehumidifiers that carry water through a series of tubes coated in nutrients. The white PVC tubes reflect the sun’s rays and boosts photosynthesis in order to grow healthy heads of lettuce. Read more.

    Why we loved it: The utility of this billboard resonates strongly for us especially as the results show: more than 2,800 heads of lettuce had been given away weekly to passersby and the local community from the billboard site, and demonstrates the amazing capabilities of not only the medium but also of the students at UTEC.

  5. Oreo
    Description: Oreo delivered a real-time reproduction of the solar eclipse using digital screens around the UK. Read more.

    Why we loved it: Utilising the perpetual capabilities of digital OOH, Oreo were able to take a contextually relevant event and still deliver their messaging, consistent with its branding.

Noticed that there weren’t any local campaigns mentioned? We’re saving that for another post… be on the lookout next month! 😉

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