What’s your team doing right now?

If you’re looking at your calendar thinking “where has the year gone?” you’re not alone. While you may be worried about making good on New Year’s resolutions (which feel like they were made yesterday), mid-year is also a good time to step back, celebrate achievements, and refine your goals for the remainder of the year.

The OMA team has used this logic for a mid-year check-in to:

  1. Confirm why we do what we do
  2. Touch base on how we’re doing
  3. Keep momentum alive for what we do

The number one place where people stay connected
The OMA acts to unify the industry and further its vision to be the #1 always on place where people go to stay connected. Audience measurement is a critical area for unity, and so far in 2018 we have made strides in our investigations to modernise our platform, MOVE. The MOVE Board’s announcement of up to $10 million to investigate new metrics for digital has come at a great time, as digital revenue now accounts for 49.8% of total net media revenue.

OMA members are committed to innovation and growth; the continued investment into MOVE is part of the hundreds of millions of dollars they have invested over the years to future-proof the industry. And the results are paying off: OOH was one of just three growing media channels in 2017.

Creativity and ingenuity are still the name of the game
Criss-crossing the country as part of the OMA CEO Roadshow, General Manager Tess Phillips and CEO Charmaine Moldrich tallied up 21 presentations to over 200 members across four states – with NSW still to go – this month. The Roadshow is an opportunity to touch base with the people on the front lines of our industry, to share the OMA program and ensure we are in line with priorities for the coming months.

We learned the membership is healthy and tapped into current trends. They have an eye on what is happening overseas with programmatic buying and use of data. The benefits of digital are more enticing than ever with the ability to sync signs to traffic, weather and time of day. But while technology may be grabbing the headlines for the moment, creativity and ingenuity are still the name of the game.

Keep momentum alive
Dreary winter weather can freeze momentum faster than the morning dew on your windscreen. Reflecting on industry achievements is a great way to keep internal fires burning.

As Simon Sinek said in his famous TED talk “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” We are inspired by our members and proud to work with this innovative group of passionate people. Together we have embraced change, and we will continue to innovate, using technology and creativity, to maximise the power of OOH.